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Qigong classes at Rasa Yoga Shala


Classes are held Thursdays from 5:30-7:00pm. Drop-in fee is $7.00 and a package of 5 classes is available for $30.00.


Qigong (pronounced chee-gong), is an ancient Chinese art that involves cultivating the Self by learning to work with one’s vital energy, known in Chinese as “Qi”. The practice involves uniting relaxed visualization with a variety of forms including breathing, sitting, standing, walking, and flowing dance-like movements. Though many styles of qigong find their origins in the martial arts, qigong is not a martial practice.


Through the variety of practices introduced in this class, one can expect an increase in physical endurance, improvement in overall health, a more relaxed and controlled frame-of-mind, and insight into one’s own connection with the Way of Nature.


The process of each class is different from week to week depending upon the season, participants, and whatever the Now invites.


Dr. Eschwey has been a student of Daoist qigong since 1994, and a certified qigong instructor since 1999. He has led qigong classes in Corvallis since 2000. His training has mainly been in Soaring Crane, Essence, Jin Jing Gong, Healing Tao, and Sheng Zhen styles of qigong. Prior to his training in qigong, he trained in a variety of styles of martial arts including Mo Duk Pai Gong Fu and Kajukenbo. He counts Chen Huixian, and Wang Qingyu as his primary qigong instructors.


Dr. Eschwey’s qigong classes are designed to accommodate the needs of beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. The primary objective of each class is for each student to have a personal experience of the cultivation, circulation, and storage of qi through an eclectic blend of techniques rooted in ancient traditions of Self-cultivation. No previous experience or a belief in qi is necessary to attend.


It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and bring an open and relaxed mind.

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